Rustic Water Fountain Designs

When shopping for a fountain, one option that is available to you is to choose one of the many rustic water fountain designs. These fountains make wonderful garden water features and can show off a number of tastes. From fountains that make use of such items as watering cans and pots to beautiful boulder designs, there is simply something exquisite about rustic fountains.

While there are certain fountain types that only suit a particular yard or d├ęcor style, rustic fountains are rather all purpose. The charming country designs are well suited for rural areas and gardens, to be sure, but a rustic fountain also makes a wonderful outdoor water feature in the city as well. For people seeking a relaxing garden that conjures memories of life outside of rural America or that simply evokes a sense of simplicity and serenity, these fountains are ideal.

There are numerous designs that are available when it comes to rustic fountains. Tiered fountains are certainly quite popular, but natural and abstract fountains have a place as well. Stone shapes stacked atop one another, rock formations, wood based fountains, and many other types are quite popular among many fountain owners. These garden water features are quite versatile and can add beauty and life to any outdoor space.

Rustic water fountains also provide a lovely spot in your yard where songbirds can gather for a drink. Many gardeners and homeowners seek a beautiful place where mockingbirds, hummingbirds, blue jays, and other birds can gather, and a rustic fountain simply looks perfect with a beautiful songbird perched on the edge. When looking for the ideal outdoor water feature, choosing one of these fountains is certainly an excellent choice.

When selecting a rustic garden fountain, you can choose from a number of designs. Bamboo and stone fountains are certainly rather attractive, but there are also many standard and formal fountains on offer. Many of these fountains also make use of standard nature designs, such as the leaves of a certain tree carved into the stone or nature themed designs implemented into the fountain.

As with most garden water feature types, you will find plenty of options when seeking a rustic fountain. These fountains have been popular all over the world and can range from cute or even silly to beautiful and awe inspiring. Your garden or water feature is a place to relax and enjoy the world around you, and the fountain you choose can contribute greatly to the relaxation found in your space as well as the aesthetic beauty of your garden.

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