Replace Your Ugly Gutters with Rain Chains

As numerous ancient Asian practices such as Feng Shui and meditation gain popularity in the western world, we are starting to discover that many ancient practices still offer great benefit today. One place that this is certainly true is in the practice of draining water from the roof of a home or structure using a device known as a rain chain. Made of a long ornate chain of small bells or other decorative items, these chains direct rain downward, much like a gutter, while creating a relaxing sound and offering a decorative touch that is simply beautiful.

Rain chains offer numerous benefits. Not only to they look and sound peaceful, but they prevent mud puddles by slowly dripping water rather than sending it pouring out of a downspout. The water can be fed onto the ground, into a plant container, or into a basin or barrel. These chains can also be placed at regular intervals along your gutter, allowing you to water an entire row of plants or simply divide the amount of water falling to the ground. The catch basin you choose to use can be functional or decorative, and will serve to prevent erosion around the base of the building caused by constant water drainage.

Another benefit to using a rain chain setup is that they are aesthetically pleasing. These chains are typically made of copper and can have a clear coat to keep them shiny or a decorative patina that offers different colors and patterns as the chains age. They can also be made in many different patterns, from standard chains to small bells, cups, or bowls. The water will glide from one part of the chain to the next, and the shape will prevent the chains from splashing onto your house or structure.

Employing rain chains on your gutters can be an excellent idea. These chains offer a beautiful décor that can spread out the downward flow of water so that it can be used to provide benefit. In addition, the sound that the chains make as the rain flows down them or as the wind blows through them is surprisingly calming. Your home and garden will benefit greatly from their installation, and you will find that they add a great sense of beauty and relaxation to the space. When seeking a unique décor for the structure of your home that can help mitigate rain damage and add to the home’s beauty, these chains are simply ideal choices.

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