Reasons to Install a Fountain in a Chiropractic Office

Pain is no laughing matter, and when people deal with chronic neck and back pain they can easily become extremely stressed. There are all kinds of relaxation techniques available for people dealing with such issues, but if you are a chiropractic professional you may want to consider starting such therapies right in your office. There are a large number of suitable options for a chiropractic fountain in the waiting or reception area, or even in a treatment room.

Chiropractic water fountains can be found in massive designs that hang from the wall or are positioned on the floor, but they can also appear as smaller options that fit nicely on a tabletop too. They come in stone, metal, acrylic, ceramic and resin and can be found in almost any imaginable shape and style.

How could a chiropractic fountain help your business? Let’s consider the waiting room; most of the time patients and their companions will be a bit tense or bored. They might get frustrated by any delays, and any of these issues could make treatment difficult. With the addition of a gently splashing fountain, however, you will notice a dramatic improvement in the overall environment.

For example, you might have ample room in your waiting area to allow for a wall-mounted fountain to be installed. For this example, we will say that you opted for a natural slab of granite into which you had your business logo carved. This lovely piece of stone is mounted into a burnished copper frame with large, smooth river stones catching the gently cascading water below. Just imagine the effects of such a sight and sounds will have on patients.

This indicates that chiropractic water fountains are a good option for the waiting area and as a substitute for a less impressive or even boring sign, but they can also figure prominently in treatment areas as well. This is due to the fact that there are many ideally sized fountains that fit safely, stably, and securely on a tabletop. This could serve as a very relaxing option for a patient waiting for treatment and during treatment too.

It is essential to remember that any chiropractic fountain is going to come with a few requirements. Firstly, all fountains are operated by electrical pumps and from time to time these pumps might become clogged by debris. This means that a regularly scheduled routine cleaning and maintenance will ensure optimal functions.

Additionally, the level of the water in the chiropractic water fountains will need to be closely monitored as well in order to prevent damage to the pump should the water drop too low. Most indoor fountains use distilled water to help with issues around the buildup of minerals, and this is a great idea for any fountains in your office too.

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