Rain Chains as Outdoor Water Features

While millions of homeowners look to fountains and sprinklers as their primary source of outdoor water features, or as the way to really add a water element to their yard or garden, it shouldn’t be overlooked that water can enter the yard in the form of rain too. This means that the gardener who finds a way to use the rain as a feature is actually a bit ahead of everyone else.

So, how can you do that? One of the most unique and innovative ways of really playing with rain water is through the use of “rain chains” as outdoor water features. These are used in place of traditional gutter downspouts, and they guide the water from the gutter to the drainage area.

Not only do the rain chains work as visually appealing outdoor water features, but they are highly functional too. They eliminate the potential for clogged gutters, they are cleaned and polished by the rain, and they make for an enchanting way of watching rain make its way from your roof to the earth below.

The chains actually work like a series of funnels or tiny pipes down which the drops of rain can fall. Even when the rain is coming down heavily, the chains will always help to manage and direct the flow. They can even be draped into the influx area of a rain barrel in order to direct the rain fall into the interior compartment.

Before you say that any sort of chain might suffice, it is important to understand that it is the copper rain chains that work so well as outdoor water features because the metal is really made for this kind of exposure. Over time it will get that gorgeous green patina, but for a long while the coppery shine of the metal will remain in place.

Additionally, the chains are not limited to the classic rings that descend down to the ground, and there are some very decorative options available. For instance, the best distributors actually sell them in the form of “tulips”, “teacups”, double links, and much more. They can be found already in their oxidized color, or they can be found in a glittering copper finish too.

There are some styles that also accept a “basin” at the end of the chain as well, and this will work as a sort of birdbath once the rain has ceased to fall.