Purchasing a Wall Hanging Fountain for the Office

Where is the right place for a wall hanging fountain? A garden? Perhaps the lobby of a professional building? A restaurant? What about the office? This is actually a place where the remarkable benefits of a wall hanging fountain can be most appreciated.

What benefits? Just consider that almost any wall hanging fountain can be credited with creating a great sense of calm and tranquility in most people who hear or see it, and the sounds that the fountains make will also add a whole new facet to almost any environment too.

It is very interesting to consider the range of designs and materials in which a wall hanging fountain might be found, but it is equally interesting to consider the range of sounds that they might make too.

What does that mean? Well, let’s say that you work in an office that has a hanging fountain in the reception area. The fountain has the appearance of a river bed covered with smooth stones, and the water that passes over the many crevices and surfaces makes a somewhat loud splashing and dripping as it reaches the base. This successfully masks the non-stop ringing of the phones and makes the waiting area much more appealing.

Almost all of the different types of wall fountains will create a unique sound based on the materials selected. We just mentioned the range of sounds created by pebbles, but there are also slabs of slate and stone, panels of metal, textured surfaces made from art forms such as pressed copper or glass, smooth surfaces such as plastic or plain glass, and even fiberglass surfaces too. Each of the varieties will cause the water to behave in a unique way, and this results in a range of different sounds.

This means that all office fountains can be selected and designed for very specific intentions. For instance, if a subtle sound was desired, the business or office might select a smooth surface that led into a basin full of stones in order to make only the gentlest noise possible. On the other hand, the office space that required a lot of background noise to be suppressed could install a textured fountain that created a lot of soothing and yet effective sound as it operated.

Not only do fountains help to keep employees and visitors to an office extremely calm and relaxed, but they can also be used to make the overall atmosphere far more conducive to good results.