Purchasing a Lake Fountain for Your Neighborhood Lake

When responsible for choosing and purchasing the appropriate lake fountain for your neighborhood lake it requires planning. Several questions must be considered and are asked below.

What is purpose of the fountain?

If it’s for ornamental and aesthetic purposes only different factors are used to consider the most appropriate one. The same holds true if it is for aeration only, or a combination of the two.

If ornamental, how high and wide do you want the spray to reach?

A display that is too small for the lake looks diminutive, while you don’t want a display that is too large and overpowers the lake itself. Proper sizing to the lake is important.
If aeration, will a floating fountain work, or should you purchase a diffused aeration system?

The answer to this depends on the depth and size of the lake. A lake that is less than six feet deep should be aerated sufficiently with a floating fountain designed to provide some aeration. Lakes that are deeper than six feet will usually require diffused aeration systems which push bottom water to the surface creating circulation and movement in large volumes of water.

Where is the closest power source for a lake fountain or aeration system?

If there is no available power source close to the location of the fountain one will have to be added which will increase the overall cost of installing a lake fountain. Regardless of the type used, a cord is run from the fountain or system along the bottom of the lake and then to shore where it is connected to a power source. These fountains are controlled by remote control panels. Having to run a power source to the lake can be expensive and should be included when determining the budget for this project.

Are lights necessary?

Lights can increase the visual appeal of the fountain during nighttime hours. Colored lights or filters can also be used to add another dimension to the display. Lights will only be added to floating lake fountains. Often the lights attract bugs and insects that are then knocked to the water by the spray and become a food source for the fish in the lake.
Once all the questions have been answered and the budget set, you can confidently begin shopping for a lake fountain or aeration system at your local hardware store, garden center, or on the Internet.