Proper Water Fountain Placement in Feng Shui

The ancient philosophy known as Feng Shui is often misunderstood as a way of simply arranging and decorating the home. In fact, it is a very formulaic system for balancing and attracting positive energy (known a qi or chi) into the home or the office. It is balanced by two major forces – wind and water – and this is the reason that indoor fountains feature so prominently in modern Feng Shui styled homes or buildings.

Before leaping to the conclusion that adding a fountain will bring the kind of benefits desired it is significant to note that proper placement is vitally important for success. For example, a home or individual room must have the Feng Shui map properly aligned over it in order to analyze where the specific energies are located. The map has regions dedicated to family, career, wealth and much more, and putting a water feature in the wrong location can be disastrous.

For example, there are parts of any room or home that are dominated by the energy connected to the element of fire and if you happen to hang wall fountains within such an area, the necessary energy will be smothered by the water element. So, the first step in selecting the right type of fountain, and the best position for it, is to use the Feng Shui map to chart out the home, room, or office.

The next thing to consider is the benefit of choosing portable indoor fountains over the wall types. This is because an initial Feng Shui design may not be flawless or balanced. This is due primarily to the fact that practitioners tend to align their maps in one of two ways. They can use the compass point approach which maps out the north, south, east, and west areas of the home and then positions the standard Feng Shui map in this way, or they can align the map with the “career” area located at the front door. This means that the individual is going to have to experiment in order to determine which approach works best for them, and then make their decisions. Having a portable fountain might be best for such a time.

On the other hand, it is well known that water near the main entrance to the home, regardless of compass position and points, tends to attract success and wealth. This means that wall fountains are also very easily incorporated into Feng Shui plans as well.

Finally, whether someone chooses to rely upon tabletop indoor fountains or durable outdoor fountains, they should also consider any symbols or images that appear in them. This might mean seeking out wall fountains with images of bamboo or fish, or tabletop fountains with lotus blooms or stones if they will benefit the Feng Shui plan.


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    Hi im confused as to where I’m to place my indoor water fountain is it to the right or left side of my door looking inside my enterance of my house the career area please help thank you

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