Proper Maintenance of a Floor Fountain will Lengthen Its Life

We love the sounds and sights we engage in when we have a floor fountain. However, usually when we first make the purchase we don’t consider the continuing maintenance of the fountain to ensure that we are able to enjoy those sounds and sights for many years to come. Like anything else, if a floor fountain is not cared for properly it will eventually wear out, sooner than necessary.


All fountains require water to work. But, you can’t just fill them up when they come out of the box and not think about it again. One of the main benefits of water fountains is their role as humidifiers in the home. By definition, this means water is evaporating into the surrounding air, dampening it. The frequency of water loss is determined mostly by how dry the area is in which the fountain is placed. In addition, if you have pets that are free to roam the house, they will often drink from the basin of a

floor fountain. The water should always be kept at the level specified by the manufacturer.

Because of the chemicals found in most community and municipal water, it’s best to use distilled water in any fountain. This not only protects the pump, but also prevents certain materials making up the fountain from tarnishing or being stained. There are products on the market that can be added to tap water to prevent damage; however, distilled water remains the best option.


The other thing required to make a water fountain work properly is the pump. This motorized device is what produces the movement of the water. Without a properly operating pump the water will be stagnant. Most pumps in today’s fountains are durable and reliable. However, in order to continue to work efficiently they must be properly cared for. The pump should be cleaned regularly to remove any algae, debris, or hard water deposits (if distilled water is not used). You should follow the manufacturer’s recommendation on the frequency of cleaning a pump.


All fountains need to be cleaned regularly, especially if it’s being used as a pet bowl. When cleaning the bowl it is important to use products designed specifically for such use, or approved for such use by the manufacturer. Other products can damage the fountain or the pump. Most products designed for fountains will not harm animals.
Properly maintain your floor fountain and enjoy it for many years to come.