Preformed versus Free Formed Outdoor Water Fountains

The desire to have outdoor water fountains is rampant among homeowners in the United States.  This is because the fountains provide relaxing background sounds to any garden.  They also increase the value of the home and help showcase the garden area.  The problem with this is that many people feel the need to dig holes, line them with plastic and try to create the perfect shape for a garden.

These types of outdoor water fountains are called free form ponds.  They are amazingly attractive and provide all of the benefits of having a water feature in the yard.  They also provide birds a place to bathe and can even be stocked with fish to keep the water from stagnating.  Many people have seen koi fish in ponds but wonder what benefit the fish add to the pond.

Koi add color to the pond and provide a relaxing sight when watching them swim slowly around the pond.  They also provide the benefit of helping to keep the water clean by eating the algae and diatoms that will bloom in still water.  Their excrement even acts as fertilizer for water plants such as water lilies.

The other option, if you do not have the time or money to dig and line the pond yourself, is to work with a preformed water pond and fountain.  There are many different options available and they can be found in almost any shape or size.  Preformed ponds are usually made with a very thick plastic, which resists the intrusion of plants and helps prevent leaks.  These are easy to install and provide the most cost efficient solution to having a pond in the yard.

The other option is to purchase a fountain that is entirely self contained.  These types of outdoor water fountains are easy to install and are some the simplest to maintain.  These can be made out of a number of different substances, such as copper, ceramic and fiberglass.  Each of these materials offers a unique look that can be a benefit to any garden.

The benefits of preformed outdoor water fountains are great.  They offer the unique look of an amazing fountain with the added ease of installation and maintenance.  There materials even offer some great benefits, depending on the look of your garden.  A copper fountain adds a certain European charm, while the ceramic give the garden a modern flair.  Even fiberglass can be colored to appear as granite or marble, adding a rustic charm to the garden.