Pond Maintenance Tips

A water feature of any size and shape could bring you some peace of mind, but there is more work to keeping one going than you might think.  You can choose water features that are as small as a fountain on your back patio or as large as a fish pond.  Many people choose the fish pond because the aquatic plants and the fish lend to a soothing environment, but these larger ponds will require more attention.  You should be aware of the equipment that you will need to care for your pond before you commence building it, especially including pumps and pond aerators.

Aeration of the water in your fish pond is extremely important.  Pond aerators add oxygen to the water and help to release any noxious gases.  This is especially important in larger ponds and water features.  If you are planning a deep fish or koi pond, you will need to consider the oxygen levels so that your fish will have a much safer and more stable environment.  Pond aerators will also help you rid your pond of ammonia, which can even be a problem in the shallower ponds.

Many people prefer the pond aerators that come in the form of surface fountains because there is something pretty to look at.  You can seek out different surface fountains and lighting effects to really make the most of your equipment.  These fountains, or surface aerators, work much like any fountain would, but they actually pump more water through the system.  Not just any surface fountain will work as and aerator for your needs.

There are also pond aerators that work from the bottom of the pond, though they have an entirely different method.  These particular aerators push the air to the bottom of the pond before bubbles rise to the surface again.  Either choice for aeration will work well, depending on the look you want for your water feature.

You can also find aerators that are powered differently.  If your pump and filter must run constantly, then you will want to choose an electrically powered one.  Large ponds may work well with wind power, though filtering may need something mechanical that can work sporadically.  The important thing is that you do invest in some form of aeration method for your pond so that you can keep your water features healthy and in balance with nature through self-regulation.