Pond Fountains vs. Pond Spitters

Pond fountains and pond spitters present two different options for those looking to enhance the aesthetic beauty of their water features. They also offer different levels of practicality. Understanding the difference between the two is not hard and, to some extent, they do provide similar benefits. Where the practical needs of maintaining the health of a pond are concerned, however, there is definitely a difference between these two types of products.

Pond spitters are a type of pond water fountain, but they are set apart from the larger models in several regards. Many fountains installed in ponds are there to keep the water circulating, free of larvae and full of air. Spitters are more of an aesthetic enhancement, though they can provide some benefit in the aforementioned regards. Spitters are usually designed to be seen and are often created in very playful and imaginative designs. Frogs, alligators and other water creatures constitute some of the most popular designs for these water features. They spit a gentle stream of water into the larger fountain or pond.

Pond water fountains tend to start at much larger sizes than their smaller, spitter cousins. These fountains are designed to keep a large volume of water circulating. This is vital to any pond or artificial lake. Normally, bodies of water are constantly aerated by inlets and springs. In artificial bodies of water, this vital process must be accomplished by other means. Pond fountains generally come in adjustable configurations, which can shoot a jet of water high into the air or provide a gentle series of spouts that fall back to the water with a soothing sound. Either option provides excellent aeration.

Installing spitters and pond water fountains are oftentimes very different tasks. Pond spitters are small, in most cases, and are simply placed in the desired location and plugged in. With the fountains, there will need to be time given to providing power for the device and some attention given as to its best placement in the pond. Generally, these devices are found right in the center of the pond where their aesthetic effect is the most dramatic. Remember to purchase a model with enough horsepower and capacity to accomplish its intended purpose when buying for very large ponds. Just as importantly, remember to purchase features, such as pond spitters, in sizes that will not overwhelm one’s fountain. These additions are sometimes fun to purchase a bit on the small side, which allows visitors to enjoy themselves while searching out the garden and fountain for hidden decoration.

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