Pond Fountains Help the Success of a Pond’s Ecosystem

A pond, no matter what size, is its own little ecosystem. It’s important that this ecosystem remain balanced and healthy for it to succeed. One of the most important factors is dissolved oxygen (the amount of oxygen in the water available to fish and plants). Dissolved oxygen keeps what lives in the pond healthy and the water clean. One way to increase the level of dissolved oxygen in a pond is by aerating the water with pond fountains.

Problems Related to Low Dissolved Oxygen

1. Fish require a certain amount of dissolved oxygen to survive and when it is not present they die.
2. Odors coming from decaying organic materials because the process is slowed without oxygen and it produces hydrogen sulfide.
3. In deep ponds stratification can occur where the bottom levels of the pond are unstable, reducing the available living space for the inhabitants of the pond. This puts more demand for oxygen on the other levels of the pond.

Causes of Low Dissolved Oxygen

1. Too many plants, fish, and algae.
2. High organic waste, which uses large amounts of oxygen to break it down.


Pond fountains designed for aeration can increase the level of dissolved oxygen and improve the health of the pond. There are generally two kinds: floating and diffused systems. The depth of the pond generally controls which system will work best.

It’s important to purchase the correct sized pond fountain for your pond in order to obtain the desired benefits. Aeration systems that are too small will cause additional problems in the health of the pond’s ecosystem.

Floating Pond Fountains

These pond fountains pull water from the top couple of feet of the pond and spray it into the air. When it splashes back down, oxygen transfer takes place and gases are vented. Since most of the aeration is at the surface, these systems are best suited for shallower ponds. Floating pond fountains come in a wide variety of spray patterns, adding visual appeal.

Diffused Aeration Systems

Diffused aeration is effective for ponds with depths greater than eight feet. Compressed air is pushed directly into the bottom of the pond, creating a continuous flow of water in the form of bubbles, upward mixing the water with the air allowing it to get more oxygen and creating more dissolved oxygen for the pond.

Once you’ve determined the system required you can easily find pond fountains online or in retail stores selling pond supplies.