Plunge Into Spring! Create a Japanese Water Garden with a Bamboo Fountain

If you find yourself feeling inspired and relaxed by Japanese water gardens and are longing to create one of your own, you might be surprised to learn that they can be quite easy to make. Employing bamboo water spouts, watertight containers, and aquatic plants, you can easily create a relaxing Zen garden in only a few minutes. These gardens are beautiful and relaxing and offer a surprising sensation of calm and serenity. While some people spend thousands of dollars and many hours to achieve this look and feel, the next few paragraphs will show you how to create one of these gardens in your own yard with only a small amount of time and energy.

When you are ready to build your bamboo fountain, you will need to start with a watertight container such as a lotus pot or wine barrel. The basin will need to measure at least two feet in diameter, but the style is certainly up to you. Wine barrels offer an antique look, while pots and granite basins can provide soothing or decorative features. Once you have selected your container, you are ready to start populating it. Aquatic plants bring a sense of balance to your fountain while also providing it with a much greater visual appeal.

If you have never designed a Japanese water garden, it can help to talk to someone at your local garden store for advice on choosing plants. Water lilies and lotuses are often too large for containers, but your gardener will be able to help you find attractive plants that will thrive well within the space. If the basin is on the small side, floating plants might be your best bet. Once you have your plants in place, you are ready to add a bamboo spout. The spout is easy to install, as you only need to lower the pump into the water, set the arms of the pump across the basin, and plug it in.

Now that your bamboo fountain has been set up, you are ready to go. You will find that plants and decorations can easily hide the cord to your fountain. Adding rocks or small Asian themed figurines can help add to the relaxation and visual appeal of your fountain. Ensure that your fountain receives ample sunlight every day to help your plants grow, and add fertilizer tablets as necessary. The plants will help to maintain balance within the water, ensuring that minimal maintenance is necessary. Your water garden can provide you with a great deal of relaxation and can be set up in a matter of only a few minutes.

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