Placing Garden Fountains Properly

There are all kinds of rules and guidelines about the positioning of furniture within our living and working spaces, and there are some similar rules about fixtures in the world of the garden and yard.

For example, many people want to incorporate garden fountains into their yards, but are not sure about the proper place to locate them. Often this means that they will want to create a formal design or plan, or purchase a fountain that is easily relocated to another area of the yard or garden instead.

Modern garden fountains tend to be made from relatively lightweight materials such as fiberglass, and this means that they are somewhat easy to install almost anywhere.

Where a lot of people find a bit of difficulty is in supplying their fountain with the electricity that it will need. Modern fountains utilize efficient pumps to circulate the water and create beautiful effects, and while there are a few options for solar units, the most common are powered by electricity.

If your options for garden fountains are limited to the very small and very portable units, it is quite likely that they will also be able to be easily positioned within easy reach of a source of electricity. These are also most likely to use solar options too.

If, on the other hand, your choices for garden fountains are the larger styles, you are going to have to give some thought to the issue of electrical supplies. For instance, you don’t really want to run an extension cord that appears in plain sight underneath the unit. Instead, you will want to make the effort to understand the best way to locate the power supply for that unit.

Remember, a lot of people who purchase indoor fountains will also make a point of creating a dedicated outlet for their wall mounted, or even floor units, in order to eliminate the potential for tripping over the cords. These same people also want to enjoy the clean lines of the fountain without the appearance of the cords too, and will have the outlet installed behind their fountain.

This exact same process is possible with the garden units too. A professional electrician can quickly, affordably, and easily run a supply of electricity to the area where the fountain is to be located, and can then install the outlet in a way that will allow it to be hidden behind or beneath the unit itself.