Pets and Fountains: Are they Safe?

As you may or may not know, pets of all sorts can drink out of tabletop water fountains. Naturally, you do have to maintain your fountain and ensure that it is clean and properly treated. Is there anything you should know about pets and fountains? Is there any risk of disease if a pet were to take a few gulps out of your relaxing fountain?

First of all, understand that pets can drink out of any fountain if the water is clean. Pets will actually seek these fountains out, because the splashy current of water is instinctively attractive to them. The sound of running water will attract your cat, dog or even bird to the fountain and many will adopt the fountain as their own. There is no risk of disease or sickness if you keep the water safe from bacteria and algae.

The only concerns you might have would be the sudden disappearance of your water as well as the appearance of animal dander inside the fountain. If your pet frequently drinks from the table fountain then be careful to replace the water on a regular basis. The pump can be damaged if it is trying to re-circulate a minimal amount of water.

Some people do not want their fountain hairy and so limit a pet’s access to the fountain. If pet dander is becoming a problem for you, then you have the option of pet-proofing the fountain. (Also realizing that a build up of pet hair can effect the operation of the fountain)

What you might try to do is protect the pump itself from getting clogged. You can do this by cutting a length of sheer pantyhose and putting it over the pump device. Tie both ends and make sure they are tight. The hose will stop small debris from getting sucked inside the rotors. Otherwise, if you see large debris accumulating in the tabletop water fountain, then simply replace the water.

If you decide that your beloved Fido is qualified to drink from the tabletop fountain then be sure to replace the water often, and clean the fountain regularly. When cleaning the device, wipe it thoroughly and then refill it. Rinse very well. If your pet only occasionally drinks from the table fountain then you treating the water may suffice. If you are using treatment for algae or scale then make sure the treatment is pet-friendly.

Remember though that tabletop water fountains are not a replacement for a regular water dish. Your pet should always have plenty of fresh water and clean water available throughout the house. A healthy pet is a hydrated one!

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