Outdoor Fountains Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Outdoor fountains have long been associated with affluence and elegance. Adding one of these water features to even a very simple home can make it much more appealing. Whether one is showing their home to perspective buyers or just showing it off for fun, a fountain has a way of becoming a centerpiece feature that offers a lot for the money. The type of fountain chosen can enhance, balance out or completely change the look of the home and the yard on the whole. Fountains can also be purchased in styles that bring together an entire design aesthetic, inside the home and out, making them popular additions for people of all walks of life.

The flexibility of fountains is largely due to the diversity of designs available. While these outdoor water fountain designs present many options in their own right, they can also be combined with many different types of yards and homes to create interesting looks. A stone fountain will look stately and elegant outside a stone home and a metal fountain will look very modern and cutting edge. Colors and reflectivity are important elements in these choices and also have their own particular effects upon the overall look of the home.

In the summer months, outdoor fountains add much more than surface appeal. These features create an air of coolness and tend to be as refreshing to the mind as the spray of water is to the body. In a garden, they can ultimately be the defining characteristic that determines the overall look of the garden. An Asian-inspired fountain, for instance, can make any garden look as if it was designed in the Orient. A concrete or stone fountain can quickly evoke the grandeur of the Victorian Era gardens. Combined with intelligent landscaping, a fountain can provide much more than a water feature.

Many outdoor water fountains are enhanced with lighting. In the front yard at night, these fountains can make the owner’s home truly stand apart. Subtle soft lighting can create a magical effect that may well have the same effect as Christmas lights, encouraging passersby to stop and take a look at the careful landscaping. In very large yards, fountains can add features that break up the space and allow for the creation of separate areas within the larger whole. From the curb, however, a fountain always looks elegant, the style chosen notwithstanding. Outdoor water fountains can make a modest home look like something truly extravagant.

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