Outdoor Fountains Bring Life to Your Outdoor Room

If you want to make your patio or porch less ordinary and ho-hum, it’s wise to think of your patio as a room unto itself. Even though it’s outdoors, your terrace or deck is still valuable space that can be dressed up and used as an extension of your indoor space. Outdoor fountains are just one of the many ways that you can add life and spirit to your own little al fresco setting.

Unlike a large swimming pool, you don’t have to worry about zoning rules with outdoor fountains. They add zip without taking up too much space, and they instantly impart a sophisticated ambience to your outside area. Therefore, even if you don’t live on a lake, you can easily add the element of water to your exterior decor.

If you’re just starting to decorate your open-air space, try to decorate it with the same style and spirit as your indoor space. Ideally, you want your indoor space to easily spill and flow over into your outdoor space. It’s much easier to achieve a harmonious effect if both areas share common colors and features.

Outdoor fountains should be proportionate to the space. In other words, a tiny corner needs a smaller water feature, while a large open space can handle an oversized piece. One suggestion is to mix up textures, so that you don’t overdo any one feel. A cedar fountain offers beautiful contrast to a cement floor, while cast stone is the ideal counterpoint to grass or wood. Stone, water, greenery, and a wooden bench lend dimension to an area because of their combination. By mixing textures, you can be confident that you’re properly integrating both cold and warm decor into your open-air space.

Because they serve as eye candy, outdoor fountains attract attention if they are particularly substantial in weight or size. The movement and sound of the water are focal points for the senses, so carefully choose what you will put around and near your fountain. Smaller water features are fun and can be used to add whimsy just about anywhere, but larger features (over six feet tall) require a little more planning.

Stainless steel fountains are eye-catching because steel is an uncommon outdoor surface, yet it won’t rust, so it’s the perfect metallic contrast to natural materials. If you need a pop of color, urn fountains add a quick bolt of pigment to your surroundings. If possible, try to tie the color in with the dominant color in your home. By linking the spaces, your property will have complete flow and show better.