Opting for a Metal Wall Waterfall

Most decorators and designers might not feel that metal and a wall waterfall are a likely combination, but the fact of the matter is that these two widely different materials actually do work quite nicely together. This is because there is a lot more than a single type of metal that can be used for a wall waterfall.

For instance, most waterfalls incorporate stones of some kind in addition to any metallic accents, and some use glass where the stone or slate may normally be. This illustrates that a wide array of effects and styles are possible, and this is the reason that a wall waterfall can work just as nicely in a very modern design scheme as it can in a much more natural or organic one.

Need an explanation? Let’s say that you want to add a wall waterfall to your lobby, but it is one that is all steel and glass and super contemporary. How on earth can something as natural as a waterfall fit well into this more modern and man-made environment? Actually it is quite easy when you select a complementary metal and a glass waterfall. This would be designed in a way that allowed the metal to frame the glass, and the water would then move over the surface of the glass in a smooth manner, but it would also create the lovely and familiar pattering sound as it reached the base.

Clearly, a metal waterfall mounted to the wall could be used to create a sense of serenity and calm in even a very sterile or modern business location, but it is also a very effective choice for places that seem like “natural” places for water features.

For instance, lots of medical offices have opted to include waterfalls in order to help patients retain a sense of calmness prior to being treated. These types of waterfalls might use more “natural” materials like slabs of slate or stone along with copper or brushed metal framing. These would give everyone who viewed them a sense of a more organic environment which would only enhance the benefits of the waterfall itself.

There are also many homes that could easily use a metal waterfall without any sort of incongruity or failure to interact with the existing décor. We have already covered the waterfalls that relied on metal and stone, but there are also metal waterfalls that incorporate artwork too. These are a popular choice for homes that want the duality of the artwork with the benefits of the water too.