Most Types of Ponds Benefit from Pond Fountains

The two most common types of ponds are the ornamental pond and natural pond. Both ponds require proper oxygenation for a healthy pond and can receive it with pond fountains.

Ornamental Fish Pond: An ornamental fishpond is designed to create a water feature in the yard to be enjoyed visually. It also is designed to maintain fish in order to enjoy watching them swim. These ponds are closed system ponds intended to be its own ecosystem with rocks, plants, fish, and good bacteria. These are completely contained with a pre-formed base or a liner.

Natural Pond: These are not closed systems and keeping them crystal clear is difficult. While most of these ponds occur naturally on the property, they can certainly be man-made. These ponds have mud or dirt bottoms. These ponds can be kept healthy with a little effort. These are not closed because water seeps out and is brought in by sources not controlled.

Components of a Healthy Ecosystem

Rocks in ornamental gardens are intended to hide and protect the edges of the liner. In all ponds rocks will grow colonies of bacteria necessary to maintain an healthy environment. These bacteria aid the decomposition of debris and other matter falling in the pond. Gravel serves the same purpose as rocks. Only a thin layer should be used if used at all.

Fish eat plants releasing ammonia, which is toxic at certain levels but is consumed by beneficial bacteria. This bacterium converts the ammonia to nitrites, which is also consumed by bacteria transforming it into nitrates, which are put in the water where plants use them for nutrition. A great system when all things are balanced. However, oxygen levels can become low without proper aeration of the water causing everything to go haywire.

An aerator adds oxygen to the water, either with a pump or compressor. Pond fountains can act as excellent aerators, providing an aesthetically pleasing way to increase oxygen levels in any pond. The fountain should be the proper size for the size of the pond.

Lighting can be added to allow enjoyment of the pond at night, but also to provide UV light in order to keep the water clear. Using light in conjunction with pond fountains makes a beautiful display on the water.

All the components of a pond come together and create a healthy, durable ecosystem that can enjoyed by you and your family for years to come.