Modern Water Fountain Materials

Most people think of stones and water when hearing the phrase “water fountain”. Naturally, these two materials still feature quite strongly in almost any water fountain, but there are also a wide range of other materials that are used to craft fountains for indoor and outdoor settings too.

Consider that a contemporary water fountain can feature a large amount of glass or polished metal, smooth river stones, and a range of materials used as a base or a header. They can also feature electric lights, custom logos and artwork, and can even fit atop the average desk or table too.

This means that any type of décor or interior design can accommodate a water fountain, and can in fact benefit greatly from their use. Let’s take a simple example of the average dental office. These are not places where people go in order to relax, and most patients are usually quite tense and nervous as they sit and wait.

Most medical and dental waiting rooms are also not that helpful where relaxation is concerned because they are not designed to be comforting or soothing. Instead, they are basic spaces with only utilitarian furnishings and the minimal amount of concern about a patient’s general mindset or feelings. In fact, most patients easily hear the drills or equipment in the treatment rooms, and most just get more nervous as their time approaches.

Instead of allowing a bad situation to get even worse, a modern dental practice could actually incorporate water fountains to help keep their patients calm. For one thing, the gentle pitter patter of the water would tend to diminish the sounds coming from the treatment rooms, but the movement of the water itself would have already worked as a soothing balm to the waiting patient.

For instance, an office with a trendier design scheme or one that emphasized a very “clean” aesthetic could easily use a polished metal and glass fountain that was mounted to the wall and gave the room a contemporary look. This would bring the benefits of the flowing water gently gliding over the smooth materials which would make patients much happier than just sitting there listening and waiting, but would also match the general decor.

The same sort of results can be enjoyed by workplace fountains simply positioned atop a desk or workspace. These can incorporate stone, metal, small lights, and more. These too can help someone in a hectic space to remain a bit more focused and calm thanks to the movement of the water and the appeal of the materials used in the fountain.