Medical Offices and Fountains

If you have ever visited a medical facility or hospital you will know that there are usually some major efforts made to make entrances and public spaces more appealing and even soothing. Clearly, no one enjoys making a visit to a hospital – even if it is just to visit someone else – and the presence of gardens and fountains is often a way to create a sense of calm and comfort.

There are many choices for hospital fountains, and they can be featured in both the outdoor and indoor environments. There are floor and ground mounted models and there are also substantial wall-mounted fountains that can be beautifully carved with a hospital or medical office logo too.

It is interesting to note that the installation of medical office fountains is a growing trend due to the fact that fountains are a great way to relax visitors. Whether it is a chiropractor’s office, dental practice or the lobby of a hospital, the gentle splashing of the water will serve to sooth anyone who passes by or who is seated in the general area.

It is also interesting to note that many gardens just outside of the entrances can benefit from the installation of hospital fountains too. For example, a small garden space could be easily outfitted with a solar powered fountain or birdbath fountain in order to add the additional benefits of relaxing sound.

What are the most common choices in medical office fountains? The choices are very wide-ranging and include such materials as slate or granite, ceramic, acrylic, metal, and even resin. They can be shaped into almost any design and can feature carvings, etchings, lighting effects and even custom art. They can combine an array of materials such as a wall-mounted slate fountain framed in copper with river stones along the basin, or a resin floor fountain shaped as natural stones and incorporating a waterfall feature.

Like all other fountains, however, the hospital fountains will need to be regularly maintained and cleaned. They will also require access to an electrical supply as well. This means that the choice for installation should be geared at providing a regular amount of easy upkeep.

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