Making your own Statements with Water Fountains

How do you go about expressing your personal style where your home décor is concerned? Many people would say that the window dressings, furnishings, and various pieces of art (including rugs and/or wall hangings) are the primary ways that they express personal style. There are also those who take things to another and deeper level by using moldings, building materials, and architectural features to express their style too.

For people who want to really send a deep message about their taste or decorator style, there are also all kinds of water fountains to use as well. While most people view fountains as a feature of outdoor décor, they have in fact transitioned into the indoor environment quite well too. They automatically add a sense of calm and tranquility when they are gently splashing in the background, but even when their silent pumps are not running, the modern fountain can easily be considered a veritable work of art.

This is because today’s water fountains can be found in a wide range of materials and styles. They are constructed of stone, slate, glass, metal and other options. They can have lighting, custom artwork, and a range of decorative features too. This means that someone who is designing a home or a room from the most basic level – meaning that they select the locations of the doors and windows; the general architectural style of the room; and the materials used on the floors, walls and ceilings – can incorporate water fountains in the most substantial ways possible.

Even if someone does not have the option of installing their fountain according to the actual design or layout of the room, they can still position it in a way that allows it to work wonders on the general or overall effects of the décor. Just consider the difference between the room with a large, empty expanse of wall and one with a series of three water fountains mounted as a single structural unit.

For instance, someone who had a very basic decorator style could choose something a bit bold, such as a series of three copper fountains mounted together. This would create a very organic and yet somewhat modern look to the room. It would also allow the owner to enjoy the water feature whenever they wanted that “extra something” as well.

Water fountains are a fantastic way to really make a personal statement in a room of almost any design or style.