Make Your Pond Shine with Pond Fountains

A pond fountain can make any pond, manmade or natural, shine, but actually does so much more. Many pond fountains come in options that include lighting which will brighten up your pond and the area of the yard in which it is located. In addition, many such fountains aerate the pond making it a healthier living environment for the fish, turtles, and other creatures that may live there.

Benefits of Pond Fountains

1. Senses: Fountains in ponds can be pleasing to at least our eyes and ears, and often our noses. The beauty of a fountain is unmistakable, and inarguable. Just sitting and watching a fountain, the water pouring, spraying, or splashing, can take our mind from the craziness of the day to a serene place of relaxation.

The soothing sound of water splashing and falling not only relaxes us, but masks unwanted sounds such as traffic and animal noises. With a window open near the fountain, you can enjoy the sounds inside as well as outside. Due to the healthier nature of the pond, foul odors are often minimized.

2. Pond health: Pond fountains act as aeration in the pond, improving the water quality. The oxygen produced during aeration helps keep aquatic fish, other fish, and good bacteria healthy. Together this makes the overall health and cleanliness of the pond better.

3. Easy to use: Most pond fountains are floating fountains that are moored to the bottom of the pond. They require very little maintenance and can be easily positioned according to the owner’s desires.

4. Less cleaning required in pond: For small fish ponds and even larger ponds, the aeration helps reduce the growth of algae, reducing the need to clean it or buy algae eating fish. The water quality remains better also, reducing the need to clean it in general.

5. Cooler area: As the water interacts with the air it creates a cooler area around the fountain and the pond. They don’t completely cool an entire yard, but together with shade and other comfort zones, they can cool the area somewhat making it more pleasing to be outside near the pond.

So make your pond shine and at the same time create a healthier environment around your pond and in your yard with a pond fountain. They are economical and easy to install and use. Few things compare to the relaxation benefits of a pond fountain.