Make Your Own Tabletop Fountain with Bamboo

Did you know that you can make tabletop fountains out of bamboo? Bamboo is one of the most popular materials during this green-friendly new era. It is technically a grass and grows at a much faster rate than trees. Now, you can make your own tabletop fountain using bamboo.

You can buy prepackaged bamboo spout kits as well as related accessories like bowls and river rocks from an online store. You can start the process of creating a bamboo fountain by buying a watertight container, which will act as your basin. Naturally, the container must be close in size to the spout that you will choose. The container must be able to contain the fast flow of water with only minimal dripping.

The best thing to do is to find a spout that rests on top of the bamboo fountain container. It shouldn’t be too wide or else it will fall inside the water. You can also think about lotus pots or buckets (galvanized) for this project. The container must be 100% waterproof. You can’t take chances with this step. Line the inside of the container with pond liner if there are any doubts. You can also spray watertight sealant in order to ensure no water seeps through.

At this point you put the pump that comes with the bamboo tabletop fountain kit inside the container. You are not supposed to plug it in yet. In fact, it’s always a bad idea to run the pump outside of the water. You want to position the pump so that you can run the cord out from the edge of the bowl. If you don’t want the pump to show you can put a decorative cover over it or cover the appearance up with rocks.

Now it’s time to put the spout over the bowl of the tabletop fountain. You can put it inside or outside of the bowl, depending on the size you are using. Fill the container with water and when you can submerse the pump completely plug it in.

Bamboo fountains are already an attractive water feature but you can enhance the appearance all the more so with a water wheel or plants. Though it’s hard not to imagine liking bamboo, you can always take the spout out and just use the extra pump to create an effervescent effect.

Tabletop fountains, like all fountains, do require additional water on a regular basis. You should also treat the water for algae and white scale. Bamboo fountains are a visual delight and make a great relaxing sound all year round!

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