Make Your Office More Relaxing

119You spend at least eight hours a day at work. If you are like many people, that number is closer to nine or ten hours a day. Because you spend so much time in your office, you will want to ensure that it is a relaxing and comfortable environment. When your office is relaxing, it provides you with a much more feasible place to work. You will find it much easier to avoid stress, pressure and anxiety at work when you take the time to create a relaxing atmosphere in your office. There are several ways you can do this.

Change the Colors

If you can, consider changing the colors in your office. Color can have a great deal to do with your mood and stress levels. Most offices are white or gray, but this is not a color conducive to relaxation. Make your office feel a little more comfortable. Consider more inviting colors like earth tones or rich jewel tones. Avoid anything bright and garish like red, bold green or bold blue, because they can be too distracting for a work environment.

If you have windows in your office, then consider adding window coverings that incorporate the wall colors. Be sure to consider black out curtains because there are times when you may need to block out the sun and create a more distraction-free environment.

Create Organization

A disorganized office is not a relaxing office. You cannot get away from the stress and focus on work if you can’t find anything among the clutter. If you take some time to organize all of the documents and paperwork in your office currently and keep the organization when new paperwork comes in, you will find that you can create a more relaxing atmosphere and you can be much more productive with your work when you can find everything.

Consider an Indoor Fountain

Have you ever heard the sounds on sound machines? They most often include the sounds of a babbling brook or some other source of moving water. That is because the sound of water is very relaxing and stress relieving. If you want a truly relaxed office environment, then consider an indoor fountain. These fountains are available in large or small sizes to suit your office space. With the background sound of an indoor fountain, you will find your space more relaxing.

A more relaxed office is an office that is much more conducive to productive work. Instead of considering your office to be a source of stress, create a place where you can truly relax and work.

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