Make a Business Lobby Modern

113The first thing that people will see of your business is most likely the lobby. However, the lobby is often the last area to be updated. Keep in mind that first impressions matter, and if your customers get the wrong first impression of your company, this can be very hard to overcome. There are several things you can do to update your lobby, create a modern feel, and make the right first impressions.

Choose Modern Décor

If you have an outdated lobby, it may be time to replace the furnishings and décor. Start by looking at the furniture. To create a more modern look, consider sleek lines, minimalist design, and clean colors. Next, look at the artwork. Often, if you leave art up for several years, the images can be very dated. If you are attempting to create a modern lobby, replace that artwork. A good place to look would be to find local galleries and choose pieces from a local, undiscovered artist. Finally, consider the small décor items. They should be kept at a minimum for a modern lobby. Be very picky about the pieces you choose. Consider sleek designs or even items with an Eastern influence.

Consider Logo Water Features

Water features have become quite popular in business settings, and logo water features are the modern version of fountains. These water walls include your business logo on stone, metal, glass, or slate. The water pours down the front of the wall and creates a very striking image. Customers like the unique and modern look of logo water features. Make sure you choose modern style over Old World classics in order to keep your lobby contemporary.

Choose Striking Colors

For a more modern look in your business lobby, you must be careful about the colors you use throughout. Solid white is just too clinical, but certain colors like forest green will feel outdated. Instead, opt for striking color combinations, like black, white and red or gray, brown and blue. You can create a striking and very modern image just by using the right colors.

When you look at your business lobby and you realize it needs to be updated, consider creating a modern look for the space your customers will see first. Modern décor, contemporary colors, and modern elements like logo water features will create a lobby that definitely impresses the right image on your customers.

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