Maintaining Garden Water Features Can Be Simpler Than You Think

If you have ever considered installing a fountain or feature in your yard only to determine that it would be too much work, you may wish to think again.  Garden water features can be easy to install and even easier to maintain.  While some materials can be harder to clean than others, you will find that a top quality fountain will include all of the information you need in order to keep it in pristine and beautiful condition.  With the right maintenance every now and then, you will find that it takes little effort at all to keep your fountain looking and running splendidly.

One thing you will want to consider in terms of maintenance is algae.  If you are looking for a low maintenance feature, consider one that constantly keeps water moving.  Standing water is the biggest cause for algae and staining, and moving water can help prevent this almost entirely.  There are also additives that you can put into the water to help keep it clean without posing a threat to any wildlife that may stop by your water feature for a drink.  Knowing what to add to your water and doing so as needed can help prevent most major maintenance expenses.

If you are looking for garden water features that are easy to maintain, you will also want to consider the materials that they are made of.  Coarse and porous materials have more grooves and holes that bacteria can build in, while smoother stones and materials can be cleaned much more easily.  Metal garden water features are also popular, and for many, allowing them to build a patina over time is actually desirable, which means that they can be allowed to change color over time from water and oxidation.

When it comes to maintenance, the particular garden water features you choose will determine how easy or difficult it is.  You will also want to consider climate, of course, to ensure that freezing doesn’t affect your feature during the coldest months of the year.  A feature that can be easily drained or moved or one that is weather resistant can be a good idea for people living in colder climates.  No matter what style or look you are seeking, there are low maintenance options for you.  Don’t give up on the idea of a great feature just because of maintenance when there are so many ways to make it simpler.