Learn about Glass and Mirror Fountains

The surface of water is often compared to that of a mirror or glass, and this means that floor and wall fountains can benefit from the use of glass or mirrors too. In fact, such a natural partnership as water and glass will often bring out the most amazing features of both materials. Of course, glass fountains come in a wide array of styles and designs, and each has its specific benefits. For this discussion we will consider the wall and floor styles as well as those that incorporate mirrors too.

A modern floor fountain tends to incorporate a few notable features or elements – there is the base, the frame, and the actual fountain. When these fixtures are the mirror fountain or glass fountains  types, they can be extremely simple, or they can utilize additional decorative features. For instance, many glass fountains feature customized designs which are etched into the surface of the panel. This creates an end result that is part artwork and part water feature.

The standard wall fountain is going to have the same basic features as the floor models, but may utilize a rather unique framing style to create an interesting effect. For example, there are mirror fountains that have the exact appearance of a decorative wall mirror, but which also incorporate the appealing stream of water that flows over the highly reflective surface of the glass.

While the variety and natural appeal of a water, mirror, and glass combination can make it simple for a decorator or home owner to choose one of these fixtures, there are some considerations. Firstly, most of the glass fountains or those with mirrors are going to benefit greatly from a large amount of natural light. It is not advisable to situate such fixtures in an area where heavy shadow dominates.

Additionally, the entire fixture should be provided with adequate maintenance and care to ensure that the highly reflective surfaces maintain their overall good looks. This means removing the water at least twice  a year, and then cleaning the surface with a very soft cloth and suitable glass cleaner. It also usually requires the owner to rely strictly on the use of distilled water for the system. This prevents mineral deposits from accumulating in the pump system and impeding the flow of water, but it also eliminates the chance that the water will begin to take on a milky or murky appearance as well.

There are few other limitations where the use of glass or mirror fountains is concerned. They work well with almost any decorator style and provide a highly desirable bit of light, glimmer, and soothing sound in even the most professional locations.

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