Learn About Copper Water Fountains

When seeking a beautiful, long lasting fountain that offers relaxing sounds as well as aesthetic appeal, a copper fountain makes a wonderful choice. The metal itself can be designed to have a brilliant shine or to provide a wonderful antiqued look, and the acoustics on these fountains are unlike any other. Copper fountains amplify sound considerably, creating a relaxing atmosphere. The shine of the metal also provides a unique aesthetic effect as the water runs or trickles down the fountain.

In general, there are two types of copper water fountains, those that are all natural and those that have had a clear coat applied. Natural fountains will take on a green or blue coloring (verdigris color) over time that will contrast with the shine of the copper to provide an organic and antiqued look, this the natural aging process of natural copper.  Copper that has a clear coat will remain shiny and beautiful, though it must be waxed with a hard shell type of wax every few months and should have furniture polish applied quite regularly. When applying the polish, it is important to ensure that the polish never makes contact with the water, however, as it can clog or damage your fountain pump.

The type of copper fountain that will work best for you will depend largely on your personal tastes. Many fountain owners prefer the natural look of standard copper fountains as they slowly develop a patina and oxidize, while others believe that fountains with a clear coat applied will offer a better version of the artist’s intent over time. There is certainly no right or wrong choice, and your personal preferences should help you make your decision. One thing that is important to keep in mind, however, is that maintenance will vary greatly depending on the type of fountain you choose.

When you purchase a copper fountain, it is important to read all of the manufacturer’s recommendations very carefully. The products used to clean a fountain with clear coat can be very damaging to a fountain that has no such protection. Because of this it is very important to ensure that any products or cleaning tools used are recommended for the type of fountain that you have installed.

Copper water fountains are ideal for many different places and spaces. There are numerous beautiful indoor fountains that employ a copper design as well as many outdoor, garden, and wall fountains made of copper. Outdoor fountains without a clear coat will often develop a patina quickly, due to air and rain exposure, helping you to get that antique look much more quickly. Whatever fountain type you choose, you are certain to find that your copper fountain is simply a work of beauty.

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