Keep Your Ponds and Fountains Clean

Many people add water features to their landscaping in an effort to create a calming oasis.  Shallow fountains and pools are great for use on back patios, while deeper fish ponds can give the joy of cultivating life.  The type of water feature that you choose is entirely up to you, but you should keep in mind the maintenance that will be necessary before you begin to build.  Water features do take quite a bit of work to keep in a healthy state, and you will need to consider pond aerators when you are ready to install your pond.

Your water feature will cultivate nutrients and bacteria almost immediately.  Nutrients and bacteria are neither good nor bad, but they must be kept in delicate balance to maintain the health of the water and the life that water contains.  If you are dealing only with a shallow fountain or pool, you may consider the use of chemicals.  If, however, you plan to include fish and plant life in your pond, you will need to purchase pond aerators to keep the oxygen levels in your water feature steady.

Many people choose the surface model pond aerators because they resemble a fountain and can add an aesthetically pleasing feature.  These aeration devices will pull the oxygen up from the water and in from the air, keeping the levels steady within your pond.  In doing so, the algae growth will be stunted, and your fish and plant life will flourish.  If you do not keep these levels steady, you will begin to notice noxious odors and dead or dying animal and plant life.

Many people may find that the pond aerators they use do not work effectively.  This may be because you have chosen a unit that is too small for the water feature.  For ponds that are deeper than eight feet, it is recommended that you purchase pond aerators that sit on the bottom of the pond.  These often run on wind power, and will pull the oxygen down and redistribute through the bubbles that are emitted.

If you have any reservations about the type of aeration system that you might need with your new pond or water feature, you should find an expert and get the pertinent information.  There are so many models from which to choose, and you want to be sure to get it right the first time.