It’s Not Hard To Install an Indoor Water Fountain

Don’t let the fear of installation, mess, or water spills prevent you from including an indoor water fountain in your decorating plan for your home or office. A fountain is not difficult to install, and in fact, in some cases you just put water in it and plug it in. Some wall fountains are as easy to hang as a picture.

All water fountains require water, a pump, and a power source to operate. Some have lights and other accessories like misters, which may need to be set up as well. Rarely does a fountain purchased for the home require professional installation.

Installing a Fountain

1. Location: The first step to proper installation of an indoor water fountain is choosing where it will be placed. To receive the most benefits from your fountain you want to place it where it will not get knocked, hit, or turned over. Once water is placed in fountains they are much heavier and harder to relocate.

Finding the right location first is important. You generally want your fountain where you can sit and enjoy its beauty and sounds without other distractions. In addition, if it requires an outlet you want it placed close to one so cords are not strung across the room, which can pose a fire and tripping hazard.

2. Set up: Some fountains will require some set up or assembly. Detailed instructions should come with any indoor water fountain you purchase. The pump may or may not already be in place in the fountain but if it needs to be installed it should be fairly easy. You should then add any accessories such as lights or misters according to the instructions.

Once the fountain is placed and the pump and accessories are properly installed you can fill it with the designated amount of water. Distilled water should be used to prevent build up in the pump and stains on the fountain. After the water is in the fountain, you can hook the pump to the power source and begin the operation.

3. Surrounding décor: You may want to surround your fountain with lights, plants, or other items that add to the mood of the fountain making it a true retreat from a hard day. You may float flowers in it to add more beauty and appeal to the fountain.

So no matter the kind of indoor water fountain, installation will be easy so you can begin to enjoy your fountain as soon as possible.