Installing an Art Wall Water Feature

So, you want to redecorate your living room to give it a whole new sense of life and vibrancy. This is not too difficult if you do a bit of advanced planning and thinking. For example, you will want to consider the type of art you hang on the walls or display in the space.

Will you use sculptures? Will you opt for framed prints or actual drawings and paintings? Have you considered using an “art” wall water feature instead? This is something that comes with a range of benefits that include the ability to enhance your décor, and also the ability to calm and relax you every time you are in the room.

How can an art wall water feature do that much? Let’s say that you are a huge fan of paintings that use a lot of vibrant color and some abstract imagery. You can go ahead and purchase a framed piece, but if you opted for an art wall water feature, you’d get the art plus the features of the fountain too.

How can water run over the surface of a painting or print? Actually, the best designs use an impervious substance like Lexan (a type of durable acrylic) to which the print or image is mounted. The water pours down one side of the surface and the image remains totally protected on the back side of it.

This means that you can rely on your art wall water feature to be beautiful at all times, but you can also count on it to supply you, and all of your visitors, with the gentle and soothing sounds of water.

You can also opt for an art water feature that doesn’t use a print, but instead relies upon more sculptural features to create its effects too. These might include fountains that use a panel of embossed or sculpted metal over which the water glides and drips, or they might actually be structural pieces themselves. This could include everything from large slabs of stone that have been carved and equipped with fountains that come right through the rock and run smoothly down the surface, or it could mean large collections of pebbles that are mounted to look like a river bed and over which the water drips and flows.

The key to selecting art water features is to ensure that they work in a complementary way with the rest of the décor. This ensures that they are visually as well as audibly soothing.