Installing a Fountain at Your Law Office

Because a fountain is often associated with grandeur and prestige, it is a good idea to consider installing a law office fountain in your place of business. This does not mean that you will have some sort of tinkling fountain in your formal waiting area, but you should consider adding one to any available outdoor spaces.

For example, there are legal office fountains made of resin, which can look like something straight out of an Italian villa, or there are also more organic-looking designs that have the appearance of natural stones and which contain tiny waterfalls.

A law office fountain can even be something that serves as a business sign that is hung on the exterior wall and which has the name or logo of the law firm carved, etched, or printed on the surface.

This is possible because legal office fountains can be made from acrylic, stone, metal, ceramic, or resin. They can have very architectural and classic designs, or they can serve as a very sculptural element too.

There are also some models that could be suitable to serve as an interior law office fountain as well. These would, naturally, have to work within the existing design or décor, but they are available in tabletop models that have an impressive likeness to modern art and sculpture.

Of course it helps to understand the implications of your choices in legal office fountains due to the fact that they require electricity to operate properly and because they may also demand that a wall receive some reinforcement. Consider that the choice of a slate wall fountain framed in copper with the business name carved into the surface will be a remarkably way to greet clients, but that the weight of a large slab of slate is going to demand a bit of extra care. Because of this many people turn to a slate “veneer” or light weight slate  instead of a natural piece of heavy slate, and this gives the same looks and durability without a great deal of added weight.

It is also significant to consider the location of the power source when choosing a site to install a fountain. While you may be able to utilize a solar configuration to run a smaller garden fountain or birdbath fountain, the installation of an exterior power outlet may be necessary. When a fountain is indoors, however, the owner will want to consider keeping the power cord entirely out of sight, and this is best done through the installation of a concealed outlet that resides directly behind a wall-mounted unit, or beneath a floor model. While this is not necessary for proper functionality, it will entirely eliminate any possibilities for a fall, and will also retain the aesthetic appeal of a unique fountain.

All fountains will require a certain amount of maintenance, but the best models tend to be extremely easy to service, and their pumps very simple to maintain.

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