Information about the Archibald Fountain

If you are looking for a great attraction to see in Sydney, Australia then you need to check out the Archibald Fountain. This fountain is considered to be the best in all of Australia. The fountain is located in one of the most famous parks on the continent, known as Hyde Park. The fountain gets its name from the owner of The Bulletin, who used funds that were left to him to have the fountain designed and built. Archibald did not want just any designer to take on this particular project. The designer needed to be a French artist. There are several reasons why Archibald wanted a French artist to do the work. The main reason was that he was deeply infatuated with French culture. He also wanted to pay homage to the World War I association that Australia had with the country of France. The artist he chose was a man named Francois-Leon Sicard.

The Archibald Fountain was revealed to the people of Australia in 1932. The unveiling was done by the mayor of Sydney. The fountain was of a classical design as Sicard, the artist chosen to do the design was a classically trained artist. Much of Sicard’s design work was inspired by Roman culture and works of art. He was fascinated by Roman and Greek gods and mythology and much of this inspired some of his greatest works of art. Sicard loved classical figures, which is what enabled him to give the fountain a European feel, which is exactly what Archibald had in mind. The design for this particular fountain had many of the Roman and Greek gods and figures studied by Sicard and each piece had a specific piece of symbolism. Pliny, which was an important figure, who worshipped the sun was destined to become the centerpiece of the fountain.

The fountain is almost designed to tell some type of story, as though it were a piece of poetry that has a meaning that must be derived from the individuals who are taking it all in. If you are a big fan of the Roman and Greek style of art this fountain is something you have to see with your own eyes. The beauty of the classically designed statues has a romantic quality to it that will expand your artistic tastes and enable you to feel a bit more cultured. Take some time to do some research on the gods and goddess depicted here in order to better understand the layout of the fountain.

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