Indoor Water Fountains and Negative Ions

An indoor water fountain can bring homeowners or business owners many benefits. Most people tend to think that indoor water fountains are only useful because of their aesthetic value. However, these fountains provided many health benefits, in addition to relaxing sounds. A water fountain can help to improve the quality of the air in your room.

You may have heard a bit about an “ionic craze” that is commonly heard in electronics and decorations industries. This is in reference to ionic air purifiers. (There are also other ionic products, like hairdryers and such) However, though the idea of an ionic air cleanser sounds all well and good, not everyone fully understands the process of how it works.

Consider how exactly indoor fountains work when it comes to an ionic process. The air is being electrically charged with both positive and negative ions at all times. Usually, positive ions are emitted from regular appliances in your home. This means objects like microwave ovens, PCs, TV sets and refrigerators. Every time you breathe in these positive ions, you decrease in energy and compromise your health. Of course, few people think about these things. All you know is that you sometimes feel tired or have a generally unpleasant feeling. This is directly resulting from the unclear air of your home.

What the indoor fountain provides is a source of negative ions. These are the same ions found in fresh mountain air, breezy beaches, running streams, and natural bodies of river water. Whenever negative ions reach your bloodstream they cause certain biochemical reactions. These reactions increase your body’s supply of serotonin which can alter mood.

When you increase serotonin, you can alleviate negative ion symptoms such as stress, depression and fatigue. Indoor water fountains can help you do this. These fountains enrich your home or office’s air supply with these all important negative ions. Not only do these fountains help you to feel better but you can also reduce the amount of air pollution.

Whenever the water molecule is ruptured (as in a water splash) you release negative ion charges into the air. What better way to battle the effects of airborne pollutants than with beautiful, aesthetically pleasing indoor water fountains? These indoor fountains can relax you with their negative ion effects, their relaxing sounds and their peaceful appearance. This is a less expensive device than an ionic air purifier. You can even custom design your indoor fountain to fit your home! Remember, you can shop for fountains according to cost, material used to create the piece or a unique style.

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