Indoor Water Features Can Go Anywhere and Everywhere

If you’re a fan of design shows and magazines, you’ve probably noticed that indoor water features are cropping up in expected places in the home. By being creative and placing them in new and unusual places, waterfalls can add a whole new level of intrigue to your home.

Just where will you find indoor water features now?

  • Over the fireplace. When hung on the wall space above the mantel, a waterfall creates the perfect focal point. The juxtaposition of fire and water is both unpredictable and fascinating. The result is a striking blend of elements that cannot be achieved by ordinary paintings or other static wall decor.
  • In the master bathroom. Many homeowners want a Zen-type bath, and indoor water features help cast a spa-like trance like nothing else can. Whether you choose a counter, wall, or floor waterfall, you’ll find that natural stone materials (like slate) create a tranquil ambiance.
  • In the nursery. After bringing home a newborn, new parents quickly realize how frazzling it is to coax a baby to sleep. For many exhausted moms and dads, the hum of cascading water is a reminder to step back and slow down. Nothing counteracts stress like the sound of a gentle fountain. Some babies even enjoy the quiet resonance and timbre of flowing water.
  • In the foyer. This trend is really catching on as homeowners search for new ways to set their homes apart from other ones on the market. As most realtors know, the entryway or foyer is the ever-important introduction to a home. If it’s too plain-Jane, buyers will lose interest immediately. But if the wall has a dramatic focal point, interest is piqued and potential buyers are hungry to see the rest of the house.
  • At the end of a long hallway. Hallways are traditionally ignored by homeowners, but a waterfall in the distance beckons guests and visitors. It’s an invitation to see more. Because passageways are valuable real estate, it doesn’t pay to discount their design potential.

Because there is such a wide range of choices in indoor water features, you’re sure to find a style, color, and size suitable for your own application. A fountain is not only beautiful – it also adds humidity to a dry room, which is perfect for humans and houseplants alike. Just what spot in your home could use a little style and élan?