Improving a Tanning Salon with a Fountain

It is interesting to note that many consumers associate the presence of a fountain with prestige and success. This is the reason that such locations as spas, hotels, and corporate offices incorporate fountains into their d├ęcor. It is also the reason that a tanning salon fountain is a great idea too.

What sort of choices are there in the way of tanning studio fountains? Today there are wall-mounted, freestanding, and even tabletop fountains that are ideally suited for the truly unique environment of a tanning salon. For example, an individual tanning room could easily incorporate a small tabletop fountain to allow a guest to relax completely during their time in the booth. Alternately, there could be a very chic, wall-mounted fountain directly in the reception or waiting area too. This would be a fantastic way to create a truly innovative and unique sign.

How is that? Well, a tanning salon fountain could be easily printed with the logo of the business. The stone, metal and acrylic versions currently available can have all kinds of etching, painting, and carving done on their surfaces in order to create any look desirable. For example, there are tanning studio fountains made from large panels of acrylic into which the company logo is etched, and this is then mounted into a brushed steel frame for a clean and contemporary look. After dark the panels are illuminated from lighting fixtures mounted into the frame, and this creates a remarkably innovative entryway while also presenting guests with the gentle sounds of the falling water.

A tanning salon fountain must, however, be proportionate to the size of the space available, and should also take into consideration the aesthetic value of a hidden electrical cord. Because all tanning studio fountains will rely on small pumps to move the water across the surface or through the jets, this means that they must also be positioned near an electrical outlet too. Because of this, some owners will simply stretch the cord along the floor or down the wall in order to reach the plug. This, however, tends to ruin the clean lines and visual impact of the fountain and is resolved through a simple installation of a new wall or floor plug. This also eliminates the possibility for a client to trip over a misplaced cord as well.

In addition to keeping the fountain supplied with electricity, the owner will also have to perform regular maintenance too. This requires an easily accessible installation and the use of the appropriate treatments. For example, because the fountain is indoors the owner can rely on distilled water as a way of defeating any potential mineral deposits. Additionally, because clients will occasionally dip their fingers into the waters, it is also a good idea to unplug and service the motor with the appropriate cleansers frequently.

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