Impress with a Glass Wall Hanging Fountain

What is more impressive as you enter an office or business space – a big framed artwork or a large wall hanging fountain? Most people would agree that it is the fountain that makes the best impression because it is unique and much more lively than a simple piece of framed art.

While there might be those in the crowd who disagree, it cannot be argued that almost any wall hanging fountain can bring a huge amount of the “wow” factor to almost any space. This is especially true when they are selected according to the best standards possible.

What does that mean? Generally, it implies that a great deal of thought was put into the selection process and that a wall hanging fountain which coordinated and enhanced the existing décor and architectural style was chosen. Just like wall art, however, an incongruous fountain can create a very negative visual impact, and this means you should understand the appropriate size, materials, and features before making your decision.

One of the most universally successful choices where fountains are concerned are those that use glass as the background over which the water gently tumbles and passes. This is because the material really emphasizes the qualities of the water and creates an instant sense of fluidity.

When choosing a glass backed wall hanging fountain, however, it is essential to select the appropriate framing materials if the choice is to be a success. For example, if you want to integrate the fountain into a very traditional space, you would want to avoid framing it with super modern materials such as stainless steel. Instead, it might be a wiser idea to work with a warmer metal such as copper, and to even have the glass treated with a tint to make the water to take on a deeper hue.

Interestingly enough, there are also glass fountains that use old fashioned stone framing to fantastic effect too. This would give the fixture the look of an ancient or antiquated fountain with the updated appeal of the glass surface.

Another feature to consider when opting for the glass fountains is the use of accent lighting across the top or bottom of the piece. This would allow a very limited amount of glimmer to appear, but this could really enhance the general appearance of the fountain when it was in operation. It would also help to really accent any movement too, and this would also make the fountain extraordinarily impressive and effective.