Humidify Your Home with Water Walls

In areas that are dry normally, and those that require indoor heat during the winter drying out the rooms, understand the need for a humidifier in your home. Generally, cold weather produces lower humidity levels, and heating devices can further suck the moisture from the air. Dry environments can cause health issues as well as uncomfortable dry skin. One way to combat this problem without a home humidifier is with water walls or some other indoor water fountain.

Regular humidifiers often need refilling often, are ugly and don’t fit in with the remaining décor of the home, and are loud, interfering with normal living in the home. In addition, filters often have to be replaced and can be expensive. Finally, many humidifiers cannot be controlled as the mist is produced continuously whether needed or not.

Water Walls are a Better Option

Placing water walls in your home, or putting another type of fountain in your home, will create natural humidity. The water only evaporates from the fountain as the dry air absorbs it. If the air is not dry, water does not evaporate. There is no threat of over humidifying a room with water walls.

Water walls also provide more than its humidifying properties. These are encompassed in the décor of the room, adding a dimension to the surroundings that provides beauty and serenity. The sounds created by the flow of water are soothing and enjoyable, blocking out distracting noises. In addition to improving air quality by humidifying the room, water walls also produce negative ions which remove dust and other particles from the air.

Water walls require very little maintenance. They should be cleaned regularly, with a thorough cleaning once or twice a year, including the pump. Water should be added as necessary to maintain the minimum required water level.

Types of Water Walls

Water walls come in several sizes, styles, and price ranges making them an excellent choice for any person. Everyone can find a water wall that fits within the décor of their home and their budget. They can be flat, curved, or cylinder shaped and hung on the wall or placed on the floor. Some water walls can even be personalized.

Shopping for water walls is easy with the availability of all kinds of water fountains on the Internet. You will be able to find the water fountain to compliment your style and meet your needs.