How to Turn a Birdbath into a Fountain

A birdbath is a fun distraction and a wonderful attraction for your garden area. What if you could make your bird fountain even more interesting? What if you could add a waterfall or water fountain effect in addition to the birdbath? It won’t scare the birds away…in fact, it will probably bring more animal life to the attraction. How can you create a birdbath fountain step by step?

First of all, make sure that the basin you use is deep enough to keep the pump fully covered with water. You don’t want the pump to circulate air or else it could ruin the operation. You will need an outdoor outlet to power the pump. Resist the urge to be cheap and use an extension cord. The best thing to do is to hire an electrician to create an outdoor power outlet with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter safety device.

Try and find a spout that can rest on top of the bath. This way, you don’t have to worry about taking up too much room in the bath itself. Use a spout of subtle shape so that you don’t scare away any animals. One option to consider is that of a dripper type fountain. Instead of a powerful spray, usually associated with larger fountains, you can install a lighter spout for your birdbath fountain. You can keep the stream of water rain-line and trickling from the pump and to the basin. This light flow also creates a quieter sound.

After you choose your spout and put it in a comfortable position, most of the work is done. The only remaining step is to put the pump in the bath basin and plug in the cord. Bamboo fountains are a popular feature for birth baths because of bamboo’s natural and attractive properties. Bamboo is also considered a green-friendly material, much more preferable than trees.

When installing birdbath fountains or any type of bamboo fountains (including interior or exterior) make sure to check the water on a regular basis. The pump should always be submersed in the water, meaning totally covered. If the pump attempts to re-circulate then air damage could result.

In addition to bamboo fountains and birdbath fountains there are also pumps and spouts powered by solar power. You certainly have a great deal of variety when constructing a bamboo fountain with a birdbath. This is a nice way to become attuned to nature and invite the smallest of creatures over for a “drink.”

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