How to Shop for Fountains Online

There sure are a lot of water fountain retailers online! How can you possibly decide what type of fountain to get and what type of company to buy it from? Consider some of the most important factors involved in choosing a fountain.

First of all, buy within your budget. This doesn’t mean just looking for the cheapest listed price. Take into consideration price matching guarantees. Be sure to compare online sales with retail store prices. Don’t take for granted the price match guarantee. What if you can get the same price on a water fountain but from a better quality company?

You also have to consider shipping costs when ordering fountains online. Some retailers may show a low price on their website but charge unusually high shipping costs. When cost-feasible, try and go with the company that offers flat-rate shipping or free shipping. As you can probably guess, large water fountains can be a expensive when it comes to shipping.

Make sure the company selling the water fountains has a return policy. The company should be flexible in their policy and offer a “no hassle” type of return contract. If the product in unsatisfying you don’t want to spend time on the phone arguing with employees! Just remember to return the product within 30 days. (Note that clearance items and custom-orders are usually not eligible for returns)

You want to make sure the company you work with is trustworthiness and has good communication. Make sure that you can reach an employee by phone if you have to. You might try talking to someone in person before you buy. Be wary of any companies that do not provide contact information like an address or a phone number.  Ask the company’s representative how long the company has been in business, the longer the company has been business usually the more knowledgeable about the products and the industry.

Lastly, when purchasing a water fountain make sure that the source knows what it’s talking about. Pay attention to the web copy and verify that the customer representatives can answer technical questions about their products. Look for companies that have detailed FAQ pages. The more helpful the company is, the more likely they are to sell you a quality product.

Water fountains have many health benefits and are of great aesthetic interest. Not only do they attract attention (from customers, clients and the general public) but they also help to circulate the air and increase the humidity. They also provide a nice sound of flowing water that can easily lull a person to sleep. Fountains make for a friendlier and far more enjoyable environment!

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