How to Make a Statement at Your Company

124When you own and run a company, one of the most important things you can do is make a statement or make an impression on the customer. If you can make that a lasting impression, your customers are much more likely to remember you, recommend you, and come back to you again and again. Making that statement may be much easier than you realize because it only takes simple changes. Before you let another customer forget you, make these changes and make the impression you need to make.

Consider a Logo Fountain

You may have seen these before. A logo fountain is a water feature that includes your company logo. Often, these water features are walls where the water cascades over different types of material like stone, slate, metal, or glass. Your logo can be included on that wall surface. When those customers walk in and see the drama of water flowing smoothly over your logo, they will be much more likely to remember your company brand. A logo fountain can be included in front offices, in waiting rooms, and anywhere customers are likely to be.

Create a Company Color Palette

When your company is reflected in every decision you make for that business, you will be creating a more cohesive image that your customers will not forget. This includes color schemes. You may already have certain colors you use for logos, business stationary, and other materials. You need to incorporate those colors throughout your business, and that includes in the office and customer areas. Keep in mind that company colors should reflect your company image. You obviously do not want to use bright, crayon colors for a sophisticated company.

Throughout your business, use the colors for wall paint, for décor, for window coverings, and throughout the business. This cohesive image will make a more lasting impression on your customers.

Make Everything about the Customer

Whether this means you offer free coffee or filtered water in your office or this means you provide personalized service whenever someone walks in the door, you need to show your customers that you care about their feelings and what they need when they walk into your business. By making everything about the customer the moment they walk into the door, you will definitely make a lasting impression.

With simple changes, you can make an impression on your customers and potential customers. When you do this, people will be much less likely to forget or overlook your business.

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