How to Install an Outdoor Fountain

Installing an outdoor water fountain is much more difficult than installing a small interior fountain, right? Yes, but it may not be as difficult as you anticipate. It will take a weekend’s amount of time and you may need some help from friends and family. Nevertheless, it is doable. Here are a few steps involved in the process.

Outdoor fountains that are built directly into the ground have a natural appearance and, by nature, an unstructured feel to them. One of the most challenging aspects of this assignment will be in gathering up materials. You will need a main stone feature to create the waterfall element, as well as a re-circulating pump, which moves the water and keeps it fresh. Ordinary land areas cannot hold water so you will need plastic tubing and pond liner to create the pond. Other items may include river rocks, a metal grate and a container. Some stores will sell all material together as a kit, though you can also buy your own materials and get your choice of products.  There are fountain reservoirs that can be buried in the ground instead of using pond liner and wooden kits.  Some of these reservoir kits include a top screen which can hold rocks or river stones to decorate the fountain.  These units allow the option of using above or below ground for a unique installation.

Before installing anything you will have to dig a hole inside the ground. The hole must be large enough for the pond liner and the wooden frame. When you are finished digging and measuring put the frame and liner inside the hole. The next step in building an outdoor fountain is to connect the pump to the water feature. This is where the tubing comes in. The pump goes inside the hole. The feature must go on the concrete pedestal and then topped with a galvanized grate. Now you can fill the hole with water. The grate sticks out so cover it over with some rocks.

When building your own outdoor fountain remember that the fountain must be level in order to work correctly. What you do want to avoid is putting the fountain anywhere near a wood or carpet surface (such as you might find indoors or in a patio area) You will need an outdoor power socket along with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter for protection. You should have a hole sticking out in the bottom pond area, close by the tube. Push the cord through until it exits on the backside. You want to make sure and plug the pump into the outlet only after you add the water and it is completely submerged.

When building outdoor water fountains, be careful to not overflow the pond area. You will occasionally need to refill the pond because of evaporation. Always keep the pump under the water. Outdoor water fountains are a great deal of fun, especially when you start experimenting with LED lights and foggers!