How to Install an In-Ground Garden Fountain

Is it hard to install a garden water fountain? That is, a fountain that is actually inside the ground? It does take a little bit of effort, but the result is magical: just imagine sitting back and relaxing while streams of water splash over river rocks! As a built-in water feature, this type of fountain is indeed a popular choice.

How can you go about creating garden water fountains with limited manpower and resources? You don’t have to customize…you can actually create your garden fountain using just a basin and a few extra supplies. First, think about the weight of the fountain and the size. The larger your selection is, the more equipment you will need. If you’re thinking big then hiring a contractor may actually save you money. As far as material goes, there really isn’t a lot of restriction; many use granite, steel or fiberglass material for their garden water feature.

Your first assignment will be to buy the main feature, whether it be a fountain or a waterfall simulation. This piece will include a pump, the submersible electric object that re-circulates the water, and tubing which protects the electric charge from the water. The basin is the part of your garden water feature that will hold the water. The size should be relative with the size of the feature. It must support the weight as well as contain the stream of water so that splashing is minimal.

Some basins for new and attractive garden water features are actually buried in the ground, as with a pond. If this is your plan then you will also need to buy pond liner, so you can keep all the water in one place. If you want to cover the appearance of the pump and the base then you can use river rocks or plants. The base of your waterfall should be buried in the ground and the basin should be on the surface, carefully hidden.

The water stream will seemingly disappear from the rocks, when in actuality it is being re-circulated with help from columns and the pump. This operation is simple and relies on electricity. This will save you from having to buy an expensive dedicated water resource. Most kits for garden water fountains do not include rocks so factor in this extra expense.

Always remember to add water to garden water features on a regular basis. Evaporation will reduce your water level and a pump without full water can be easily damaged. A garden water fountain will make a lively addition to your garden area!

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