How to Install a Wall Fountain

Is it hard to install a wall fountain? It’s not as hard as you may have heard, though it is an operation that is slightly more difficult than just hanging a painting on wall brackets. Most fountain projects do require a two-person team for installation. It is ideal that you install a GFI electric outlet in the wall where you are going to house the fountain. The outlet should be right behind the fountain center. If you do not have such an outlet ready to go you might want to hire an electrician in order to avoid injury. Hiring a professional will also get you a much neater area, since the electrician will know how to get rid of those distracting hanging cords.

Keep in mind that the outlet for the hanging wall fountain should be behind the center of the piece, not the basic towards the bottom or the hood. If you have a double or triple panel style fountain then try and put the outlet behind the stone farther to the left. If you decide to install an outlet behind a stone then it’s best to also install an extra wall switch so that you can turn the stone off without having to physically pull the plug from the outlet every time.

What if you cannot afford to do electrical work? One way to hide those unsightly wires is to put a plant right by the wall fountain. You can disguise the cord in this manner and still avoid cluttering up the area. As far as the type of wall goes, there really are no limitations. Fountains can be easily installed on cinder block walls or even metal walls. If the feature is heavier, then you will need some additional studs mounted on the wall for safe holding. Do not try and hang a hanging wall fountain using just sheet rock or plaster.

Usually, smaller hanging wall fountains do not require any special installation. Only larger fountains require assembly, though it is not as complex as say, building your own outdoor garden. Some of these wall fountains will actually come pre-assembled. All you will have to do for these pre-assembled models is nail up the brackets evenly.

When you are ready to hang your wall fountain make sure you have these tools on hand: a Phillips standard screwdriver, a hammer, masking tape, a cordless drill, a pencil, a stud finder and a level.

A fountain is a great way to increase the aesthetic value and financial value of your home, not to mention improve your health!

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