How to Install a Rain Chain

The rain chain is a unique form of water feature that serves a distinct purpose while also providing a practical function for your home. Originating in Asia, these chains install on your existing gutters in the place of a downspout to provide a place for water to flow downward and into a drain or container. These chains are usually quite decorative and can come in numerous designs, though the most common and popular is typically a chain of small copper pots.

Installing rain chains can be surprisingly easy. Most chains will come with an attachment that allows them to be easily attached to your existing gutters. The piece sits over the hole in your gutter and will direct the flow of water directly down and onto the chain. The chains are also equally easy to move or to remove if needed.

If you seek to put a rain chain in an area where there is not currently a downspout or hole, you will find that the task can still be easily accomplished. Using a circle cutter attachment for a standard drill, you can simply cut a small hole in the drill that will fit the hook or attachment piece on your chain. The chain can then be easily fit into place and will work to drain water. Many people choose to use these decorative pieces directly over potted plants or small gardens as an efficient means of irrigation. Planter boxes are especially well served by a properly placed rain chain.

When you are installing your chains, one thing that you will certainly want to do is to use a garden hose to test them. An improperly seated chain will not direct the flow of water downward, which will detract from the cosmetic benefit of the chain and can interrupt proper water drainage. If this occurs with your chain, bending the attachment piece slightly will allow you to seat it at the proper angle so that water will flow downward. When the chain is properly installed, water will flow down each pot or link in a perfect line, creating a beautiful visual effect and draining the water directly below the end of the chain.

Rain chains are certainly beautiful decorative pieces and can provide a wonderful and functional water feature for your home. The installation of these chains is quite simple and can be performed in a matter of minutes. When seeking to install your chains, taking the time to ensure proper alignment will result in a unique form of rain drainage that can add a great deal of beauty to any space.

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