How to Install a Pond Spitter Fountain

A pond spitter is an add-on to a water fountain attraction. These items can definitely improve the appearance and sound of your water feature. Spitters are essentially sculptures and come in a variety of shapes from something as simple as a garden spitter to a lavishly decorated sculpture.

Pond water spitters have fountain tubing inside of them. Once installed, the water will come from your pump into the inside of these sculptures and out from a “spout” location. Aesthetically, it should be appropriate to the type of scene you are creating; for example, an angel or a stone animal sculpture usually works in a garden.

Some pond spitters are very large and others are unassuming. You have to balance the size of the statuary with the size of your pond. Smaller ponds work better with smaller spitters, such as wildflower sculptures. Compact spitters are appropriate for miniature water gardens.

After choosing the right shape you will need a pump package to go along with the piece. Such a kit will include a re-circulating fountain pump( suitable for outdoor use) and tubing that connects to the spitter. These are altogether different accessories from your regular pump that powers the fountain.

The next step is to attach the tube to the pond spitter. If you are using an especially large spitter then you will have to hold the piece in place using concrete or at least some strong bolts. This part of the installation you may want to delegate to a contractor if you can afford it. When you install small or medium size pond water spitters the process is usually easy and can be performed by a couple of able-bodied helpers.

You want to make sure that the pond spitter is put in such a way so that the spray is contained within the pond area. Run the tubing area around the side and then put the pump completely in the water. If the pump showing is an issue for you then try covering is with terracotta pots, plants or rocks.

You will be taking the tubing at the bottom and running it through the drainage hole. The pond spitters pump goes inside the pot. This only works if your pond area has a deep volume. You will have to run an electric cord to a nearby outlet. Only use a specially made outdoor power socket and make sure it has GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) capability to protect you from injury. The cord will actually be traveling underneath the water.

Once the pump to the pond water spitter is plugged in you are ready to spray!

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