How to Garden in a Small Backyard

Aging healthyIf you have a very small backyard, you may be thinking that you have no room for a flower garden. However, this is not true. The difference is you must learn how to garden creatively. There are quite a few different ways you can include flowers and other garden elements even in the smallest backyard. With these tricks, you can give the illusion of a bigger space.

If You Have a Patio

If you have a patio or deck, you can use it to your advantage. Simply purchase a variety of different planters that all have the same style and plant flowers in them. A container garden can be just as beautiful as one planted in the ground. You can also incorporate other garden elements on that patio, like garden water fountains. Many of these fountains are made to be smaller in size and made for placement on a deck or table. This way, you can create that same garden escape without the space.

If You Have a Terraced Yard

In many places with a variety of elevations, you may find that you have a terraced backyard with little flat space. You can work with this too. Simply choose different plants that grow to different heights and plant on each level of the terracing. The result can be a building garden that can be lush, green, and colorful. If you have wide enough space on one of the terraces, include some container plants or garden water fountains to add even more height changes to the space.

If You Have a Small, Flat Space

Some backyards are small, flat and empty. You may think that your garden would be boring in this case. However, it doesn’t have to be. Choose a corner of the yard (do not build the garden in the center or a small yard will seem smaller) and create a depth based garden. Start with a tall garden water fountain or plants that grow higher, then work your way to shorter plants. If you have the room, split the garden with rock garden water fountains for a unique look and sound.

No matter if your garden is small and compact, you can find ways to have a beautiful flower garden. All that you need to do is learn how to work with the space you have, whether that space is flat, terraced, or filled with a deck or patio.

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