How to Enjoy a Garden Waterfall

If you are looking to add a garden waterfall to your yard or garden space, you are well advised to do a bit of advanced planning. This is because it will usually require a bit of thought and consideration to make the best choice possible.

For one thing, you do not want to select a garden waterfall that makes your backyard look a bit like the local miniature golf facility. This means that you want to consider proportion, size, and the balance of your choice. Don’t select a fountain that is too large or which might be too unnatural to give the garden any sort of ambience.

You also want to consider the amount of sound coming from the garden waterfall too. A lot of gardeners discover too late that the jet of water shooting from the top of the large fountain creates too much splashing and this tends to drown out the pleasing sounds of the birds in their yard. This means that one of the first considerations when selecting your garden waterfall is to simply imagine how the fountain or fixture you select will “sound” when in operation.

The next way to know that you will enjoy your waterfall is to use some careful thought about its location. While it might be very impressive as a central focal point in the yard or garden, the most successful gardeners know that any special features (such as fountains and waterfalls) are more appealing when they are a “destination”. This means that it might be a good idea to install the waterfall in a place where it might be heard, but is definitely not seen. This creates a sense of anticipation for those making their way to it, and it also creates a distinct sense of privacy for those who sit near to it as well.

Once you have thought about volume and location, you will have a much better idea about the size, design, and materials that will work best in the location selected. For example, you may have hoped to avoid running electrical supplies to the area where the waterfall is to be located, and if you happen to select a spot in full sun you can always explore options for a solar device.

You will also want to consider the weight of the materials too. A lot of people decide to relocate a waterfall or fountain after installation, and this is made much easier if the fixture is made from lightweight or synthetic materials that can be carried without strain.