How to Dress Up Your Fountain for a Party

When you are looking to host a party in your home or office, you are certainly going to look to create an eye catching décor. Creating a centerpiece or focal point can be a great way to offer a wonderful decorative feature that will draw the eye while also stimulating conversation. In the next few paragraphs we will examine the benefits of using fountain lights and other items to help make your fountain the life of the party. The tips and tricks employed are simple and inexpensive and can help you create a lovely decoration without doing harm to your fountain.

Before discussing the many ways that you can dress up your fountain, it is important to explain a few things that should certainly not be done. For starters, placing glitter, oils, bubbles, or other liquids into your water is certainly not recommended. The pump in your fountain is very sensitive, and glitters can clog it quickly, keeping it from running. Oils can also harm both the pump and the fountain, and bubbles will overflow quickly, turning your fountain into a small nightmare. Any of these actions will also void the warranty on your fountain. With that in mind, we will now examine how a water fountain fogger can help make your fountain the talk of the party.

Fountain foggers are a great way to create a mysterious atmosphere to your party. These machines will cause your fountain to give off a mist that provides a truly unique visual effect without the need to use dry ice and other chemicals. The fogger can simply be placed into the fountain and turned on. The unique appearance will certainly draw the eye and give your guests something to talk about. Many of these foggers can also be combined with fountain lights to give off a glow that will mystify and entertain your guests.

Using lights and water fountain foggers is certainly a great way to create a sense of fun at any party. There are many different lighting options to choose from, including pond lights, floating candles, and color changing lights. You will be able to find colored lights to match any theme or décor, helping your fountain to stand out as a great tool for any occasion. Your party doesn’t have to be drab or bland, and you don’t have to spend a fortune on decorations you will never use again. With a few small add-ons for your fountain, you can certainly create a lovely decoration that will be used for years to come.

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